Cremated Remains Range

We understand that making a decision as to the final resting place for cremated remains can be difficult.

If you would rather not have them scattered in a garden of remembrance, you may prefer to consider purchasing a suitable container such as a casket or scatter tube. We have a range of these available to purchase, please ask for details.

Cremated Remains Range

Sunflower Scatter Tubes

Cremated Remains Range

Poppy Scatter Tubes

Solid Oak Ashes Casket

Norfolk Ashes Casket

*Suitable to hold two sets of cremated remains.

Solid Mahogany Ashes Casket

Burial at Sea Casket

For further advice please call 023 9282 4831 for our Portsmouth
branch or call 023 9226 9000 for our Waterlooville branch

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