Funeral Venue

The most important decision to make is whether you wish to arrange a burial or cremation and if you would like a Service held beforehand. It may be that this has been stipulated in the Will or in a pre-payment plan, in which case we will help you to carry out your loved one’s wishes.

Set out below are the venues most local to us, but we are also able to assist with arrangements for funerals throughout the UK and even abroad.

We cater for all religious and non-religious services and our staff will respect and comply with any cultural or ceremonial wishes you may have.  With over 50 years experience of arranging funerals within the City and beyond, we are familiar with most places of worship as well as other venues that accommodate funeral services.

We can also arrange for the repatriation of those who have passed away abroad and wish to be returned back to the UK. Please speak to one of our funeral directors for advice.



There are a number of Crematoria in the local area each offering different service lengths and options regarding the final resting place of the cremated remains. We will be pleased to offer advice on which would best suit your requirements, taking into account the number of mourners who may wish to attend and other factors.

You may wish to arrange for a funeral service to take place before arriving at the Crematorium, at a place of worship for example. Alternatively the whole service can take place at the Crematorium with hymns and music if you wish. Some crematoria have the facility for photos (visual life tributes)  or offer to webcast the service for people who are unable to attend – please ask for details and costs.

If you would like to arrange for a cremation but would rather not attend then you may wish to consider our SIMPLE DIRECT CREMATION. This is a dignified cremation arranged with the minimum of fuss – there is no service and mourners do not attend.   The coffin is taken to the crematorium in an appropriate vehicle, accompanied by our bearers.  If you wish, you can then arrange a celebration of life or some other informal gathering later on, at a time and place that suits you.  We can offer help and advice about doing this.

Local Crematoria


Upper Cornaway Lane
PO16 8NE


Bartons Road


Bubb Lane
West End
SO30 2HL


Westhampnett Road
West Sussex
PO19 7UH


When arranging a burial, you will need to decide whether you wish to have a service before the committal and if so, where.   This can be in a place of worship, in the cemetery chapel or at our on Fratton Road where we are able to accommodate up to 35 people. Alternatively the service can simply be held at the graveside.

The interment itself can be a very emotional experience and you may decide to only invite close family to attend at the graveside, the choice is entirely yours. As the coffin is gently lowered into the grave it is usual for a few words to be spoken and, if you wish, you can scatter a little earth on the coffin. In certain cemeteries we can place a temporary marker on the grave so that you can find the location easily later, until a permanent memorial can be erected.

The cemeteries in the City of Portsmouth are Milton, Kingston and Highland Road, although in Highland Road Cemetery interments are only allowed in an existing family plot. Other cemeteries in the local area include Waterlooville (Hulbert Road), Warblington, Catherington, Roman Grove and Fareham.

Natural Burial Sites

As an alternative to a traditional Cemetery or Churchyard burial you can choose to have the interment at a natural burial site. Typically the coffin must be made of a natural, sustainable material and the grave cannot be marked with a permanent memorial. We have many years experience of  arranging such burials and know the procedures and particular requirements involved. We offer a wide choice of biodegradable coffins and caskets such as willow and bamboo, and will gladly provide you with further information if you would like to find out more.

Local to Portsmouth is the SOUTH DOWNS NATURAL BURIAL SITE, at East Meon. The native woodland, created by the planting of memorial trees, has become a lasting tribute to those who rest there. The burial ground is managed according to an ecologically sound system and the woodland is worked as a coppice to ensure a rich biodiversity, to encourage wildlife such as owls, badgers, and stoats.

There are others further afield such as GREENACRES, Heatherley Wood, Andover and MICHAEL’S WOOD NATURAL BURIAL GROUND, Salisbury.