Expression of Wishes

If a Pre-Payment Funeral Plan is not for you, perhaps you might like to consider leaving an ‘Expression of Wishes’ form which your family can consult when the time comes for them to make your funeral arrangements.  It will let them know what your personal wishes are for all or part of your funeral without the need for you to make a financial commitment.  Simply complete it and keep it somewhere safe or leave it with us, but remember to tell someone close to you where it is.

By completing the Expression of Wishes form you can be certain that you will get the funeral you want and at the same time, save your family from having to make any difficult decisions over your final wishes.  When the time comes, your family and friends will find comfort in knowing that your funeral is carried out just the way you wanted it to be.  You can complete as much or as little of the form as you like and revisit the form again later if you need to add anything.