Hygienic Treatment

We understand that many of our clients would like to spend time with their loved one in our viewing rooms and we are committed to ensuring that they are presented and cared for in the best way possible.

Hygienic Treatment is a service we offer which you may wish to consider. We have 3 qualified embalming practitioners who, between them, have many years of expertise in this and all areas of Mortuary Science, and combined with our large, modern mortuary facilities and the latest equipment, we are able to take care of this procedure with dignity and respect.

Why is Hygienic Treatment advised?

When someone dies, their body naturally starts to deteriorate.  This can result in discolouration, odours and an increasingly unsanitary condition. Although we have the best facilities available for accommodating those who are not hygienically treated, there may come a time when viewing is no longer advisable. It can be said with confidence that those who are treated remain in a far better condition than those who are not, although there are many factors that can affect the treatment process. We particularly recommend that you consider this procedure if you wish to visit your loved one and there is a longer period between the death and the date of the funeral.

The Hygienic Treatment Process

Hygienic treatment is the process of slowing down the natural changes that occur after death.  This is achieved by introducing a specially prepared chemical solution into the body via the circulatory system and has the following benefits: